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Rent A Coach Krakow | Client's feedback

Bardzo dziękujemy. Jak zwykle jesteśmy pod wrażeniem profesjonalizmu Pana Michała.[...]
Dorota Kowalewska - BioCert Małopolska Sp. z o.o.

Witam Panie Pawle,
Dziękujemy bardzo za transport, jesteśmy bardzo zadowoleni.
Mateusz Gański - Maspex Wadowice

Dear Pawel,
Thank you a lot for your assistance and your efforts with this trip have been truly priceless.
You did not only perform your duties, but also helped us to perform ours and supported us in the difficult moments.
We will not forget this. We will definitely use always your services and recommend them to everyone.
Please use this event as your reference on the webpages - it will definitely attract you more business.
With best regards,
Mikko Koistinen
Timetravels Ltd

Hi Pawel
I am just writing to say how pleased we were with the service you provided.
The drivers were very friendly and accomodating, we would not hesitate to use your company again in the future.
Once again thank you very much.
Best regards,
Rob John

I am writing to thank you for a pleasant journey from Budapest to Krakow.
Your staff took good care of us.
Thank you once again.
Maria Theresa - Philippines

Hello! Mr. Kahan,
I am writing to thank you for a pleasant journey from Budapest to Krakow.
Your staff took good care of us.
Thank you once again.
Maria Theresa - Philippines

Caro Pawel, buon giorno.
Qui tutto OK.
I miei clienti sono rimasti molto sodisfatti del Vostro servizio e ti ringrazio moltissimo.
Ci sentiamo con calma alla fine dell'estate.
Ancora grazie e cordiali saluti.
Salvatore - Casella Viaggi/Sicilia

Dear Pawel,
[...] A lot of the passengers from the "mystery tour" have come to my home for short visits and they all agree that this was the best and most exciting travel they have ever done - thanks to you and all the others that took care of my group. They all mention how friendly you welcomed them and took care of them during the trip, and that even the long transfer to the airport was a nice experience.
I can tell you now that when I was looking for a bus company in Poland I found your website and had a look at your "Clients feedback". I noticed one from Denmark (Kjeld from Mangaard Travel Group) and I contacted them before contacting you. They highly recommended you and your service, and now I am so happy to have found you! I would love to put the following feedback on your website "Thank you so much for all your help during our stay in Poland. Everything you did was perfect and very professional. Jonas from Nonni Travel, Iceland".
We are already talking about planning this same tour again next summer (of course not as a mystery tour!), and if we do so we will sure contact you again.
Best regards from Iceland
Jonas from Nonni Travel, Iceland

Hi Pawel
We were very happy with the service that you provided thank you
Many thanks
Jen from Springboard Opportunities Limited/Belfast

Proszowicki Fan Klub Kamila Stocha był na rozpoczęciu Pucharu Świata 2012/2013 w Lillehammer i nie mogło zabraknąć kibiców z Proszowic na zakończeniu wielkiej sportowej imprezy w Planicy.
Szczególne podziękowania należą się Pawłowi Kahanowi i Michałowi Porembskiemu z firmy przewozowej Kahan Tour za bezpieczny przejazd, spisali się znakomicie.
Krzysztof Wojtusik, Fan Klub Kamila Stocha w Proszowicach

It was much pleasure to work with you and your drivers. I am very satisfied.
Kjeld from Mangaard Travel Group.

Everything went well and we were very pleased. The drivers were friendly, serviceminded and helpfull.
So nothing to complain at all!
All the best for the future!
Best regards,

Dziękuję serdecznie za świetnie obsłużoną konferencję.
Wszystko było zapięte na ostatni guzik.
Na pewno będę polecać Państwa firmę.
J., AGH w Krakowie

Thank you for all your quick replys and help!
bye bye!

La gente è molto contenta. Grazie a te, Pawel.
Yakob, Belgium

We travel to Europe every two years and I'm very pleased I've found your company!
Dennis, Clog America

Really well done, guys. Thanks a lot!
Simon, England Fans Travel

Next time I am in Poland with the team, I will for sure contact your company.
Manager of Lokomotiv Baku

Ciao Pawel come stai?
ieri ho parlato con Fabrizio ed è stato veramente molto soddisfatto del w.e. passato a Cracovia e decisamente contento per la tua collaborazione che è stata apprezzatissima ...e nel caso si dovesse rifare un altro gruppo in città ti ricontatteremo sicuramente.
Ancora grazie per tutto e buon lavoro.